Halfway There?

22 Nov

This week started with another strength & conditioning session over Zoom with some team-mates. It was my turn to lead the session, which is always slightly nerve-wracking, but it was lovely to see some familiar faces, even if only virtually, and it’s a nice way to start the week. I also had a session with my sports masseuse over Zoom later on, to focus on proprioception and trying to reduce the likelihood of future ankle sprains. Lots of jumping on and off a Bosu ball!

By Tuesday it was time for some running again, and with my court hearing unable to proceed for Covid-related reasons, I took the opportunity to get 10 miles done in daylight. The rest of the working week saw me back to shorter runs, with 6 miles on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I did another strength & conditioning session on Wednesday evening, so hopefully Lockdown 2 has been good for getting me back into more regular strength work again, at least!

On Saturday, after a longer than intended lie-in, I finally managed a ‘quality’ session: 12 miles with a split tempo run of 3 x 4km at about marathon pace. (Sorry for the mixed units, but there’s a 4km stretch measured and marked out on the Portway in Bristol, and it’s great for doing tempo repeats!) I’m still a little bit outside 3 hour marathon shape, as that means doing 4km in 17 minutes flat, but I was pleased to improve on my cautious start (17.46), with 2 efforts a bit closer to 3 hour pace: 17.27 and 17.25. I’ve still got another 10.5 months to get these blocks down to 17 minutes, and hopefully below, so need to panic just yet!

I rounded the week off with 16 miles on a slightly undulating route. With slightly tired legs, a tougher route, and no speedy company to drag me round it was steadier than last week, but after a fair few grey and rainy days it was lovely to be out in the sunshine, even if there was a decent amount of mist in the Avon Gorge itself. It actually looked pretty spectacular, with clear blue skies above it, but a fairly thick block of mist between the water and the sky. A nice end to a solid week: 56 miles.

We may or may not be just over halfway through Lockdown 2. I’m being realistic about how Bristol might leave Lockdown 2, however, because the Covid rate is pretty high here at the moment, so it may well be more than 2 weeks before things are back to whatever passes for normal these days.


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