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A couple more photos!

2 Jan

Thanks to Ken for the photos.  One is of Dan and I arriving in Bradford-on-Avon (I’m wearing a head torch; Dan has clearly got hi-viz flashes on his shoulders!); the other two are screen grabs of Mr. Anonymous and I near Thatcham.  I’d like to point out that I’ve run 80 miles at this point; Mr. A. has run about 80 yards 😉  The picture quality from the screen grabs isn’t great, but the videos are fairly low-resolution.  However, they still show very clearly that I had a real ultra-runner’s shuffle by that point!


A few photos

1 Jan

I wasn’t very organised and so although I remembered to get mum to take a photo on day 1 and Dan kindly took a few as we were running, I forgot to get mum to take a photo on the morning of day 2 and was too close to hypothermia to even think about it by the end of day 2; similarly, I forgot to ask my parents to take a photo on day 3, either at the start or the finish.  Oops!  Hopefully Ken (Chris’s husband) will have some photos from day 3.  I can probably live without a visual reminder of how I looked on day 2!  Edit: I’ve just been emailed a photo taken by MNDA which I’ve included.

Below are: me with my Christmas tree; meeting up with Dan near the SS Great Britain; focusing on the ground in front of me; eating cake; the Littlest Hobo Runs to Bradford-on-Avon; arriving home on Christmas Eve.