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A Trip Down Memory Lane

25 Mar

I decided that I’d experiment with including an over-distance run in my training this time (perhaps that’s a sign that I’m not quite so intimidated by the thought of ultras at some stage in the future as I was on the 24th of December!). I thought it would be nice to re-trace some of my steps from 22nd December and run from Bristol to Bradford-on-Avon. Cunningly, to avoid the navigational errors experienced on day 1, I decided to follow the Bristol-Bath bike path and then join the canal. Sadly, the powers that be had decided that my navigational skills (such as they aren’t) should be tested despite my reluctance and they duly were: twice. Firstly, the Bristol end of the bike path was shut. Yay! The sign suggested there was a diversion marked but I couldn’t see it for the life of me. I hazarded a guess at which roads might lead to the bike path and my guess was wrong. After about 10 frantic minutes running around Easton/Lawrence Hill I eventually found some signs to the path and was back on track. Things then went pretty well until Bath when (hurrah!) the start of the canal was closed, too. This time there was a sign explaining what the diversion was and how to get back to the canal; after studying it extremely carefully I set off and re-joined the canal. And then it was simply a case of re-tracing my steps, 3 months on.

The sunshine had brought out the masses, which made it feel very different. At various times I remembered bits where I’d felt particularly tired or confused on the 22nd. Today my legs felt really strong throughout and I made my way into Bradford-on-Avon in bright sunshine, with 29M done. I went through the marathon point in 3.29.00. Fingers crossed it will stand me in good stead on April 22nd in the London marathon.

Only downside was that because of the extra distance covered I missed my train back by 5 minutes and they only run once an hour on Sundays. Still, it was a beautiful day to sit in the sunshine, reading the paper and eating. And knowing I didn’t have to do the whole thing again the next day!