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A Marathon Postscript

24 Apr

Sadly, the London Marathon was not the sub-3 spectacular I had hoped for, and I had to settle for 3.07, a time I first ran 5 years ago. It was probably down to a combination of not quite perfect training, a hamstring niggle 6 weeks out and a bit of a cold a couple of weeks out. I did well up when I saw the MNDA balloons at the finish, though – it brought all of RHFC back. And although it would have been a fairy tale ending to finally break 3 hours exactly 4 months after the ultra began, if one of the two projects had to go to plan, I’m glad it was the ultra. The marathon will be there again next year, and 3.07 guarantees me a place to have another crack at that elusive sub-3. I’m sure it will be all the sweeter for waiting!