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The Dinner That Never Was

30 Mar

Had Anwen & Dan not stepped into the breach on 23.12.11, my mum and I were going to have (I use the term loosely) to try the local restaurant in Little Bedwyn. The Harrow Inn has a Michelin star, so the carbs would have been high quality. As it was, a very tasty curry filled a hole instead. However, the Harrow Inn had stayed on the list of places to try, and 15 months on mum and I finally made it there, joined by Dad, celebrating his birthday somewhat belatedly.

My train got into Bedwyn a bit early and so I walked from Great Bedwyn to Little Bedwyn along the canal. I was a bit disconcerted to realise that I must have run this particular mile or so, albeit I didn’t recognise any of it until I hit the footbridge at Little Bedwyn*. Shows what kind of shape I was in from mile 34 to mile 35 on that particular day, I guess… Anyway, it was a thoroughly pleasant meander, albeit the chilly wind rather took the edge off the sunshine.

The star of the day, however, was the food. It was very good. And the best news of all is that the fixed price lunch is (in Michelin star restaurant terms) very good value (£35/head including wine).

As always, revisiting anything to do with Running Home for Christmas is a little bit of a mixed bag emotionally: it remains one of my proudest achievements, but I’d far rather the challenge had never had to be undertaken at all.

* As I recall the day, I didn’t run past Bedwyn station.  I thought I’d rejoined the canal after that.  However, unless I’ve misremembered the bridge I crossed to get back onto the canal, it was before Bedwyn station, because I certainly didn’t go past it today…


Here’s hoping PBs come in 3s…

3 Mar

Last week I finally broke 31 minutes for 5 miles in the Weston Prom Run (30.57). This week, after a frustrating 5-6 years in which I just couldn’t seem to crack the 1 hour 25 minute barrier for the half marathon, I ran 1.23.43 for the Bath Half. There’s one other thing on the wishlist I would love: a sub 3 hour marathon. Fingers crossed that on April 21st that dream finally comes true.