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That Was The Month Of Maying (Also The Month of April…)

1 Jun

Well, I can confirm (if you’re one of the few who has somehow evaded Covid) that the post-viral fatigue is real. Very real! Having tested positive for Covid on Tuesday 15th March, and negative on Friday 25th March, the post-Covid chest infection didn’t go away for at least another week, and it took all of my energy to simply go for short walks and/or orchestra rehearsals (and a very lovely choir reunion). I didn’t return to run/walking until Monday 11th April and didn’t return to continuous running until Saturday 7th May. Now, to be fair, that return to continuous running was slightly delayed by me being able to give blood again (when taking running very seriously I weighed as little as 44-45kg, but I’m now a more ‘normal’ 50kg and so just – just! – able to donate once more). Given my blood volume will be smaller than most people’s, a donation does tend to leave me pretty tired, and so I took the view that it might be sensible to give myself an easy week after donating before trying to run continuously. Since that first 5 mile run, I’ve gradually increased the length of two or three of my runs each week (I now have a ‘long’ run of 8 miles) and re-introduced strides, just to keep the legs turning over a bit. I’m still not interested in racing just yet, but am very much enjoying the process of feeling a bit fitter week by week (and right now it probably helps that my iron levels are gradually returning to normal, too). I’ve also started to reintroduce hills, and as I build distance a little more I’ll be able to go to some of the running routes which were too far away. It’s a shame to have missed the beauty of spring, and seeing a route change week by week, but a joy to know that I’ll be back on those much-loved trails soon.