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There’s No Business Like Snow Business

10 Mar

I didn’t run for the rest of last week, but did a brilliant concert on the Saturday, followed by a less exciting day in chambers on Sunday.

T and I were up VERY early this Monday to fly to Norway to go cross country skiing. Tuesday was our first day, and in many ways best forgotten. T’s hope that I might have retained muscle memory from last year was dashed and a lot of the day spent with me swearing and extremely frustrated. Wednesday was a better day, mostly spent on easy trails but finishing with a big climb and descent. I still fell over a reasonable amount, but less. I was feeling pretty positive on Thursday morning and we headed off to explore part of a trail we were planning to ski the next day. The weather was vile, with no visibility and a strong wind swirling powder around. They were tough conditions for an underconfident, inexperienced skier and I really suffered. Demoralised and frozen, I crawled into bed. With a poor forecast the next morning, any hope of 2 long, back to back days to end our week had gone.

We headed out fairly late Friday morning and did some technical practice to try and improve my braking and steering and then headed off into the sheltered trails to escape the wind. It ended as a pleasant, sunny day.

And finally to yesterday: our last day. We were blessed with the best weather of the week and managed 6 hours out and about, enjoying good snow and stunning views. I even managed a lengthy descent without totally bottling it!

No time to run today after a slow journey home but hoping to see how the tendon is with some easy running.

I’ll end with a few gratuitous snow shots: