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1 Sep

Like any running geek, I love shopping for yet more gear. I’m trying to be good and not accumulate too much more stuff, especially as I’ve just had a big clear out at home, but there are some bare necessities (or not-quite-essential-but-pretty-damn-useful-bits-of-kit) which I’ve added to my collection today:

1. Head torch: just in case it takes me a lot longer than anticipated on any given day. There won’t be much daylight from 22-24 December!
2. Yaktrax: just in case it’s icy. I don’t mind skating, but I’m not up for a cold swim. If you haven’t come across yaktrax before, google is your friend.
3. Compression tights: they might be a gimmick, but they seem to help. I have one rather decrepit pair, and it was time to replace them. I find it quite beneficial to sleep in them after a tough training session. No-one said long distance running was glamorous or sexy…
4. Rucksack: my big running rucksack is gradually falling to bits and is not long for this world, I fear.¬† If I’m brutally honest, it’s also just that bit too heavily impregnated with sweat.¬† I’ve therefore treated myself to a new daysack.

And that’s more than enough shopping. I’ll need to replace my trainers at least once before then, especially as the miles in training¬†increase, but those can wait until next month!