Absolutely Positive

22 Mar

When I was in my lengthy cycle of comebacks and attempts to rebuild fitness, I had this slightly superstitious sense that whenever I committed to a target race, something went wrong. It didn’t play a factor in my decision to retire from racing, but the frustration of regularly having to abandon target races did!

Anyway, I couldn’t help but think of that slightly superstitious sense this time last week. On the Sunday I’d published the previous blogpost, committing to 100 miles in 14 days. Ambitious stuff for someone who’d been doing something between 20 and 35 miles per week for the past 4 months. I’d been feeling a bit tired all weekend, but I figured that was most likely because I was a bit burnt out from work, and – with almost 3 weeks of time off coming up – had been able to finally stop running on fumes. I told myself this was my body finally acknowledging that it could stop, rest and recuperate. Result!

On the Monday, I felt even more tired, and mid afternoon noticed that I had a slightly sore throat, but didn’t think a huge amount of it. I thought rather more of it when I woke up on the Tuesday feeling completely lousy, with a very sore throat and sneezing loads. T asked if I’d done a Covid test, which was a good point (I’d been away with work the week before, and let’s say that mask wearing is now very clearly optional in shops, cafes and on public transport, so had doubtless been exposed to lots of coughs and sneezes. As we know, they spread diseases). I did a lateral flow test, and it was positive. Not only do I believe that the guidance to self-isolate should be followed, but frankly I didn’t really want to even leave the sofa, let alone the house.

The real bummer was that it meant me having to miss our holiday to Norway (see above re: self-isolating. If I had given Covid to someone vulnerable, or someone who went on to infect someone vulnerable, I would feel awful). Still, by dint of me moving into the lounge, having windows open 24/7 and never being in the same room as T, he somehow managed to evade catching Covid, so at least not all of the money was thrown away! I did another test on Saturday, and it started to show positive before I’d even left the bathroom. I repeated a test on Monday, and it had the decency to take a little longer to show positive, and was also a much fainter line. I still feel pretty tired, and although I am definitely feeling better overall, it feels a bit like each good day is followed by a slight dip: overall the trajectory is positive, but with lumps and bumps along the way… I’ll try another test tomorrow, in the hope I could at least then go for a short, gentle walk to try and cover some of my outstanding 75 miles. I’m not at all sure I’m going to be able to cover all of the miles remaining on my pledge, but let’s take it a day at a time, and see what can be managed.


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