The Four Seasons (Season 3) ft. Last Chance Saloon

8 Nov

Monday saw the week start with a Zoom strength and conditioning session bright and early (7.10am early). I’d let s&c slip over the last few weeks when I’d been feeling rubbish, and so it was a great suggestion by a clubmate to get them started again, especially with the new lockdown meaning we wouldn’t be seeing much of each other soon!

On Tuesday I had an early start to my virtual hearing (9.30), and as I had to do the hearing from chambers, I decided it would make more sense to run after work once I was back home. I’d planned to do an easy 5 miles on my ‘standard’ winter route, so one which uses well-lit roads. I guess I’d not run it for a while, and wasn’t paying enough attention, because I suddenly realised I’d gone off-course and didn’t recognise the road I was on. I did eventually find a road I recognised and found my way home – and even managed to stick to 5 miles! – but it was a bit too much excitement, really. My sense of direction is not the best, and I was meeting friends for dinner (ah, the days when we could do those things…), and was starting to regret not heading out earlier. Thankfully all was well that ended well, and it was a lovely dinner out.

On Wednesday I ran in the evening again, going to my running club’s Last Chance Saloon training session. It was 4 hilly loops of about 1.25km per loop, and although my legs grumbled a lot the next few days, because if there’s one thing I’ve neglected of late it’s running hills at maximum effort, it was great fun bombing around the quiet side streets of Sneyd Park chasing each other. It was also quite hard to understand how 5 people and 2 coaches meeting outdoors were such a Covid-19 risk that we wouldn’t be allowed to do this for another 4 weeks, but I guess the rules need to be simple, and it’s certainly simple to say you can only train with 1 person.

On Thursday morning I took my tired, grumbly legs for a very steady 7 miles, and I did a very steady 8 miles on Friday.

I was probably a bit overambitious on Saturday, and tried to do some marathon paced work, even though I could still feel the hard hills session in my legs a bit. It wasn’t the best, and the paces were about 5-10s/mile down on what I’d expect. A sign that my body just isn’t up to 2 tough sessions per week at the moment!

It was fairly similar today. I did 17 miles, and – perhaps foolishly – did a fairly tough route, with some off-road and hilly sections. The pace wasn’t great, especially when I had to tackle muddy uphill climbs, but somehow there’s something perversely enjoyable about a tough run in the rain on tired legs, and on my return I tucked into a lovely brunch (French toast and spaghetti hoops: comforting nursery food!). I’m currently incapussitated on the sofa, but at some point will have to attend to Sunday Homework Club duties. 55 miles for the week, which is good going, so I reckon my week was more Biden than Trump.


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