Here We Go For a Lockdown

1 Nov

The week started with an easy-paced 5 mile recovery run on Monday, and the same again on Tuesday. I wasn’t in court on Wednesday and intended to do 10 miles, but somehow the early morning slipped away from me, and so I thought I could still get it done in the evening. Unfortunately our chambers’ AGM was very lengthy (i.e. 2.5 hours), and so by the time it had finished I was hungry, thirsty and desperate for a pee. I was definitely in no mood for a run of any description. I squeezed 8 miles in on Thursday morning ahead of a day in (virtual) court, and intended to do the same again on Friday, but I think that I’d somehow got a bit dehydrated through the combined events of Wednesday evening and then being busy on Thursday, which tends to make my IBS-like symptoms surface, and so it proved to be. I felt lousy Thursday night and Friday morning, with no energy to run whatsoever. Heigh ho. Another cut-back week it was to be.

I felt better by Saturday, although the grotty weather meant I faffed, and faffed, and faffed, so that it was about 10am before I stuck my nose out of the door. Once I was finally running it was actually a really mild day, and the soft-shell top had to be ditched pretty early on. By and large it wasn’t as rainy as I feared, and the 40 mph winds which had been forecast seemed tamer than 40mph to me, and so bar one torrential downpour, and some inconsiderate drivers who presumably took the view that I was already a bit wet, so a drenching from a deep puddle wouldn’t matter, it was actually a refreshing 10 mile plod. I was ravenous by the end, mind you – the perils of leaving late enough that you should have had a proper breakfast early doors, but not having done so! Saturday’s 10 miles brought up 207 for October, so a bit short of the target I had in mind, but I’m still on track for 2,500 miles this calendar year. I’ve not managed that since 2017.

Today I started November with a steady 15 miles, taking in the towpath. A couple of weeks ago, when I’d run it with clubmates, it had been almost completely dry under foot. The rain we had seen over the last fortnight, and especially the last few days, meant it was a mud-bath today, but it was nice to be out on a sunny morning. Especially because things then clouded over and became grey and rainy later on!

I’ve also made our Christmas cake today. Let’s face it, any hope of Christmas being spent with either of our extended families has gone. Another lockdown beckons.


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