9 Sep

Wow: 3 weeks have flown by without a blog post in sight!

3 weeks ago began with tired legs after a tough Friday to Sunday running block at the end of the week before. My 5 mile recovery run was plodtastic in the extreme! I did run 14 miles on the Tuesday and then had a much needed sports massage … which left my legs sore and capable of only plodding 5 miles on Wednesday. By Thursday my legs were crying out for a rest day, and they still felt pretty awful on Friday. Maybe running 9 days in a row for the first time in over a year wasn’t the smartest plan! I managed another 5 mile plod ahead of dinner out with T: eating out because we had no food left ahead of our trip to Malaysia.

We were off at sparrowfart on Saturday  (5am) and the entire journey from Bristol to Ipoh (where we were visiting some of T’s family) is the best part of 24 hours door to door. Malaysia is beautiful, but hot, humid and not pedestrian friendly, so no running got done. I did go swimming a reasonable amount, and when the pool is large, outdoor, warm and surprisingly quiet, even I love swimming:


After a couple of days in Ipoh we were off to Pangkor Island, which was probably my favourite location: the local school holidays were over and so the beaches were quiet, the sea was warm, and we could spend a few days relaxing and swimming. And taking in stunning views:


We were then off to Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands. Now rather developed, it was still possible to find peace and quiet trekking in the jungle:


We were then back to Ipoh for a last few days before another epic journey home. 10 days had passed in the blink of an eye!

I was pretty whacked by jet lag, but have managed to train fairly well this week: 5 steady on Tuesday, 10 easy on Wednesday, 8 with some strides on Thursday, 5 on Friday, 10 with some light speedwork on Saturday  (4 × 1200m: current speedwork pace is marathon pb pace!) and 18 today, making 56 for the week.

12 weeks until Valencia. Time to knuckle down!


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