Back in business!

4 Sep

This week started carefully, with short-ish steady runs on Monday and Tuesday.  Work got fairly and squarely in the way of running on Wednesday.  Although I’d intended to try something faster on Thursday, I was completely knackered and so just settled on a bit of a bimble up and down the Portway.  I got a bit of stick on Friday for ducking out of the pub at an antisocial hour (that is to say very early!) to go for a run.  Saturday I finally tested the hamstring properly with some faster sections inserted into a 12 miler and then today 17 miles on very tired legs; yesterday’s run was in the afternoon and so I hadn’t had as much recovery as I would have wanted.  Still, it’s done, I’m back up to 60M for the week and now I’m slumped in front of the final day of the World Athletics Championship, hoping that Mo Farah and Philips Idowu come good!

I’m very, very relieved that the hamstring has turned out to be a niggle and I can look forward to the Bristol Half next week.

It’s also brilliant to see that fundraising is already up to £495 (excluding Giftaid).


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